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Piccinini Macchine provides its customers with a shipping and transportation on Wheels

When a person buys a something, what he wants, first of all, is that the machine will be delivered as soon as possible. This is what we can do at a competitive price. Thanks to the years of experience we can offer, in addition to the sale of the machine, the delivery to the location desired by the customer whether it is within national borders or anywhere else in the world. We are able to count on the collaboration of dozens of reliable partners, selected over the years, worldwide logistics professionals with which we prepare customized transport solutions, taking care of all the custom documents and bureaucracy as well, the client does not need to worry about anything.

Shipments are normally carried by road or by vessel, we use transport on wheels when the distances are not excessive or when the Country of destination is not served by sea lines or when the customer needs to receive the machine in a short time. Regarding sea shipping, as our headquarter is just 60 km from the port of Ancona, we offer very competitive prices for all Countries served by this port, such as Turkey, Georgia, Montenegro, Greece, Albania, Russia, Croatia and many others. We also use all the other main Italian ports for such destinations as Africa, South America, Oceania, Asia and Europe. Maritime shipping is carried out by containers, flat rack, Ro-Ro, etc., supplying also a professional machine disassembling service to limit the cost of shipping (example: we can fit 2 backhoe loaders into a container), in case of transport on wheels, we use, in many cases, a standard closed trailer instead of a more expensive low bed trailer.

Whenever possible we use also standard ferry lines to ship the machines as a Ro-Ro (available usually for Islands such Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica or Countries such Croatia, Greece, Spain, etc.). We are able to offer a very good shipping service also to Russia, we can reach Vladivostok, Novorrosijsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow and many other cities.

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